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The 7th China car washing industry BBS | China car washing industry alliance President xie yu speech

  By jas:on February 23, 2019, international, jointly organized by China's car industry alliance, the international association of washing, all have the car wash equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD, named, Beijing jingdong century trading co., LTD., hangzhou big box car service co., LTD., Shanghai after software technology co., LTD (car shop worry-free) sponsored by the "2019 annual conference on China's car industry development and the 7th China's car industry peak BBS" in Beijing both W201 held a grand meeting room.

  This BBS conducted in-depth discussion and exchange on the two views of "automatic car washing is an inevitable trend and how terminal stores make profits by car washing alone". Car wash BBS has become the most important communication platform and development trend indicator of car wash industry in China. The number of participants has exploded every year.

  Mr. Xie yu, President of China car washing industry alliance, addressed the conference:


  Distinguished guests, friends, good morning, we meet again, this time I feel more complex heart, once I do not want to address, why? I don't know what to say. Car wash BBS and car wash, and now the car wash face results in my own view is not satisfied, because not satisfied so today I do not know what kind of mentality I should face everyone. 7 of the car wash BBS initiated from the beginning, from the middle of the experience to sigh with emotion a lot today, among this, I and my team we go to visit a lot of stores, tier 1 cities, secondary cities, small cities, to the country, is the most basic the most primitive wash, I have seen with detergent washing the car, washing powder, water washing the car, I have seen a car washing to RMB 8800, out of all of this experience and every time our lips gun heated dispute on washing BBS and arriving from various places, to wash the car with a myriad of problems and hopes and dreams of people, so the heart is very sigh with emotion.

  But I think again, I think this is not a situation of China's car washing industry, it may be a process of development. I just did a quick review before I came on stage, and I think we've made some progress in the last seven BBS, and the main progress is that we've raised the industry's recognition of the value of car washing, or gradually recognition of it. Because a lot of people today think that car washing can't be a major business, it can only be a drain or an aid. We after several washing BBS, after a year and a continuous discussion and analysis, and the share of the industry's best case, gradually make part of know or identity washing can actually become the main business, and wash the car has come to a topic in the industry, I think this is the second point of what we do.

  In fact, these two achievements are only ideological level, and did not make substantial progress, because survival is bigger than the sky, the most important thing to live. People are still struggling to "live" and we understand. However, how the contradiction between the distant and the near and the long-term interweaves and evolves is the problem that we need to continue to solve. This is one point.

  Second, how to make money, how to wash good, this is also our car alliance and wash the car show in the coming years and our BBS to solve the problem, of course, now I am very happy to see we have a new partner to join, the international association of washing the car, had he come with us to solve the following problems, help China one hundred stores to wash the car profit, because the mature markets of experience is worth learning and reference, of course, we is not a simple imitation, so I feel very confident again today, we are once again back on a new starting point, yesterday I wanna and have the yellow always has a very deep, and very exciting communication, He helped me sort out what we should do in the next few years in car washing alliance and car show, and helped me clarify what we should do in the future on the road of car washing. I am very grateful to Mr. Huang. I also want to thank wan xiedai for being the sponsor and title merchant of this BBS. Through the pattern and participants of this time, we can see that the whole car washing BBS has made substantial progress and more advantageous resources are gathering. Then I don't feel lonely any more. I feel that our previous theories and retentions will make a leap forward in the next few years when the wind blows again in the post-market development of our industry.

  Every time the Chinese economy starts to save money when everyone is complaining, this time is especially so. I hope you can listen to the BBS carefully without taking up your time. I think it is wonderful.

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