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Domestic special | seventh car wash BBS experts share a review

  Washing BBS as a bellwether car washing industry development, on the morning of the international special opened up the internationalization of China's car industry, Europe and the United States share the top car experts, for China's car industry has a very important learning and reference value, in the afternoon of domestic experts share is dry, full of actual combat, the landing of China's car market more guiding significance.


  Chairman and vice chairman of China car washing industry alliance award site 


  China car washing industry alliance executive director unit (part) award scene


  China car washing industry alliance governing unit member unit (part) award scene


  Member of China car washing industry alliance (part) award scene

  In the afternoon, the opening of car washing BBS ushered in the awarding ceremony of the chairman unit, vice chairman unit, executive director unit, director unit, member unit and store member of China car washing industry alliance.


  Mr. Huang jianmin, general manager of wan xieda China region, delivered the keynote speech

  Mr. Huang jianmin, general manager of China region of wan wash car equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD., and vice chairman of China car wash industry alliance, gave a wonderful speech on the full set of solutions and profit model of car wash industry.

  This is the third time I have participated in car washing BBS. The first time I discussed the difference between manual car washing and machine car washing, and the advantages of automatic car washing. After three years of dramatic changes in the market, automatic car washing in China has developed beyond imagination in recent years.

  What are the two ways to make money from washing your car? The first car wash price, the second car wash quantity, how many cars are washed in a day, multiply the two and you get revenue. If the price can go up in the future, the real golden age of the industry will come soon.

  Huang Shared the case of wan wash no one washed his car. Except for the small queue in the early morning, he washed his car at full load in 24 hours for several months. As there are different demands for car washing at different time periods, the maximum number of cars is 245 a day. These figures show that the market for driverless car washes in China is exciting and encouraging. Unmanned car wash can achieve automatic identification plate number, binding funds automatic deduction is very convenient. APP can also be used to remotely manage the car washing machine, which can expand the business coverage to a range beyond 3 kilometers.

  In addition to unattended, tunnel machine will have a large share, interior and exterior decoration cleaning will also be the development trend, the future Chinese market is the integration of diversified models. No matter machine wash or hand wash, the surface of the car should not have impurities, otherwise the scratch will be very serious, especially hand wash should pay attention to, the pressure of the high-pressure water gun is not enough, the process is not standard, more likely to scratch. Long-term exposure of hand washing workers to chemicals is harmful to the body. So, cars can be washed in smarter ways, allowing workers to do more manual and valuable work.

  Chemical solution accounts for 30% of car washing. Good chemical solution can not only clean the car, but also protect the body. At the same time, it can avoid many policy risks. Wande car wash is in line with the European swan certification, but also passed China's environmental protection requirements "ten ring" certification, the Chinese government is now very serious about environmental protection requirements, I believe that many stores will require the use of this standard in the future.

  A car wash is the equivalent of a marathon and requires a steady stream of work. Wandai has launched a five-year warranty to provide a reliable and durable car wash that will keep your business profitable forever.


  Keynote speech by Ms. Lin yan, CEO of hangzhou big box

  Lin yan, CEO of hangzhou big box automobile service co., LTD., Shared the topic of "how to promote rapid change of car washing industry through smart car washing". She believes that traditional car washing has problems such as poor convenience, high price, difficulty in recruiting and managing employees, low efficiency and increasingly strict environmental requirements from the government, which are both challenges and opportunities for industrial upgrading. In the next decade is technology driven service ten years, big box integration of iot, artificial intelligence technology, make machine can adapt to various scenarios, provide a complete set of software synchronization, allow the user to have a better experience, let merchants have better management, at the same time the back-end to provide better services, to join the big box will have full-time nursery type service of a complete set of operational network. Big box now launched a cost-effective solution, the car washing machine and water circulation system to do screening and improvement, make the system more stable and lower cost, equipment will buy insurance, so that consumers are more assured. Big box is a company that has a sense of mission, there is no want to know the big box will open completely, don't do any reservation, hope that through the efforts of all, real let users want to have to wash the car, anytime and anywhere for two to three kilometers a XiCheDian, washing the car is no longer a burden, this is the real service good enough, good enough experience.


  Keynote speech by Ms. Hu chuhan, vice President of Shanghai fortone operations

  Hu chuhan, vice President of operation of Shanghai futong software technology co., LTD., believes that it is very important to make use of WeChat small program to activate car wash users. The essence of business is to create and retain customers. But most people focus more on getting customers than keeping them. Customers into the store has occurred the drainage, store to accept the Internet platform diversion, the customer life is the top priority. For customers who do not want to spend money, first let him very satisfied, washing the car is the basic requirement. Then make a connection so that selling projects and events is less obtrusive and easier to accept. If the customer is willing to deliver the maintenance to the store, it means he trusts you. If he doesn't recommend the maintenance item during the car wash, the customer may continue to wash the car at your house, but never do it at home. It is a psychology of the customer that the customer reintroduces and repurchases due to the satisfaction of maintenance. If a store is to be run in a sustainable and orderly manner, it is necessary to first manage people, customers and even every customer, rather than every batch of customers. First, and the staff of the store through the concept of service customers, have deep emotional links between with our customer, let him trust you, satisfied with you, and then through the data to support more efficient know customer's current viscous, coverage, or online, customers do members online operations, can be more convenient focus on customer status, analyze the data.

  All stores can activate customers with activities, complete customer membership, online membership, and re-establish contact with customers, part of the activity itself to attract new, and the original dead customers become more active. From the beginning of touch, touch after catching the store rate, to the store rate catch conversion rate, and then catch the rate of big card. How to do the activity? After this first promotion, promotion to let customers to shop, to store the customer need to revitalize, do these customers, and then do deep member management, promote customer confidence and trust in the store again and again in the process of change can use old customer telephone number, to inventory, in shop sales way, let him participate in activities, then through the network, the convenience of small programs, and online network operating skills to do a lot of pushing, so that the highest efficiency, lowest cost, and then do the different industry cooperation and push, and later to do it again after pin, complete customer invitation and members. In addition, it is suggested that stores share friends circle, or staff WeChat share, customers forward gifts and other ways.


  Jingdong car beauty cleaning person in charge of Ms. Gao wenyao Keynote speech

  Beijing jingdong century trade co., LTD. Jingdong car products beauty cleaning head gao wenyao with "online car washing consumption trend and jingdong how to empower offline stores" as the topic for a wonderful share. Overall analysis of domestic and foreign car washing consumption trend: from 2016 to 2017, 2018, especially 2018 beauty cleaning category on the platform growth, far more than the number of other car products, 2019 will focus on expanding the car washing category. Data research shows that China's market is not as mature as that of the us, but may grow faster than the us in the future. China's automobile beauty culture began in the early 1990s, Europe and the United States began in the late 1920s and early 1930s, and the overall domestic atmosphere of beauty cleaning culture has not completely formed. There are DIY car washing and parent-child car washing in foreign countries, which increase the sense of happiness, sense of achievement and sense of pride of car owners.

  In 2018, the growth rate of beauty cleaning comes from the growth of physical products and services, including car washes, cleaning products and beauty products, etc., which are becoming more convenient, diversified, online and younger. China's car washing culture is still brewing and developing, not yet mature. At present, there are many offline brands and products, but different quality and service standards make it difficult for users to choose and consume. Current data shows that the frequency of car washing searches is multiplying, indicating that the user needs more and more, more and more awareness. In 2019, the user group pays more attention to the beautiful and quality life of travel, and pays more attention to the scene, experience and feeling of consumption. Beauty cleaning will be a key development project with great potential.

  According to the analysis of jd online car wash user group, most of them are heavy Internet users, living at home, with a higher proportion of men, younger and more popular. The peak consumption is at 10:00, 16:00 and 22:00. The user source analysis shows that guangdong has the highest proportion, followed by Beijing and jiangsu. The sales analysis of cleaning products shows that the growth rate of car washing machine is particularly high, which can drive the growth rate of cleaning agents, car washing towels, car washing water and other purposes. The analysis of urban users shows that the fourth-tier cities account for the largest proportion of beauty cleaning, with the largest amount of consumption. Owners of Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, buick and nissan are the five most popular buyers of cleaning products. To sum up, young people's awareness of DIY car washing is increasing, and their needs tend to be personalized, convenient and one-stop service experience.


  Beijing aiche times President wang peng keynote speech

  Beijing auto car era technology research institute director Paul peng wang think store to do the following several aspects: first, the positioning, the future market segment will produce, professional people do professional thing, customer demand, is also looking for professional enterprises, the need to cater to people's market segment will come, therefore, stores cannot "greed", "greedy" means no professional, out of focus and professional, will become degree, must have the specificity, focus; Second, bring in items related to the car wash. Third, analyze the needs of car owners, at least to know what the car owners and customers need; Fourth, the analysis of national policies, water conservation and environmental protection is imperative, as a store, to see this business opportunity, small stores will become the main force in the future, convenient water saving project will be welcomed by car owners.

  The whole car wash layout analysis: the development of the market to "fast", the city will have a large car wash center, small community convenience stores will be born. Large car washing center quantification, throughput, the beauty project cooperation, the beauty project to a more professional shop to do; Community car washing is simple beautification, business center is fast, community service is convenient, water conservation and environmental protection should be up to the standard, reduce the amount of chemicals, to be a conscience of the enterprise, there is human interest in the enterprise, pay attention to the environmental protection, it is possible to do longer.


  YASN gave the keynote speech to Ms. Song xiao, general manager

  YASN help general manager song xiao to "automotive post-market survival state of the white paper" as the theme to share. The white paper is divided into three chapters. The first chapter is the situation of the whole vehicle market, the second chapter is the automobile aftermarket, and the third chapter is several Suggestions for store operation in 2019. Data insight into the future, data guidance direction. Data analysis shows that stores are mainly distributed in south and north China, while there are relatively few stores in east and southwest China. Most are distributed in the main road, secondary road and community, the rest in the suburbs, professional markets, national provincial road and parking lot; Most of the stores rent less than 60,000 yuan, and most of the stores with higher rent have good geographical location and large area. Only 27% of stores are managed by software, and 73% are managed manually, which means the mode is relatively backward. 75.4% of the business model is single store, chain stores are still rare, this is the chain currently facing the problem; Drainage mode, to turn the introduction of the main, custom theme activities and online drainage as a supplement; On the purchase channel, 79% stores still purchase goods through local wholesalers, and the information of the whole industry is relatively closed. In terms of format, more than half of the stores are mainly quick repair and maintenance stores, followed by maintenance stores. With the increase of rent, labor and procurement cost, the store area gradually reduces the store area and improves the output value of each square meter. The operating revenue of stores showed that 70% of stores had an annual revenue of less than one million yuan. The operating revenue growth of most stores in 2018 was not high compared with that of 2017, and 20% stores' revenue was lower than expected. Stores can consider carrying out a variety of business projects, rather than a single project, to improve the user experience with quality service, thus increasing the unit price; At present, nearly one-third of the stores do not have member services, most do not have member management thinking, customer maintenance is insufficient; The analysis of the management difficulties of the stores shows that the marketing mode, team building, store management, customer service, construction technology and product source are the management problems. The most seriously affected areas are north China, southwest China, east China, central China, northeast China, northwest China and south China...... The white paper has detailed answers on the risks avoided by the top ten key words of stores in 2019.

  Second, we visited thousands of stores and found that 95% of them were struggling with losses, small profits, ignorance and wandering. What is more terrible than confusion is ignorance. So many stores are not aware of their own problems. We are also thinking about what kind of content and services YASN Bang will use to help more stores truly transform and improve. YASN help updates more than 800 courses every year, covering the whole process of store opening and operation of systematic knowledge system, from the overall store opening planning, store research to a store planning, a project planning, small to how to stack a towel and so on will be presented.

  This industry pure Internet products can not be landing, can not really go to 95% of the store. Therefore, we need to cooperate with local provincial partners and provincial service providers to lower the content and service level. Yasen help calls on people with original intention and is willing to work with yasen help to promote the operation level of these 95% stores, and is willing to serve their individuals and enterprises with ingenuity!


  BBS car wash

  The Car Wash BBS recorded the historic moment of China's Car Wash industry. The Car Wash Show China was officially launched, and the China Car Wash industry alliance, yasen international and the international Car Wash association established a new partnership. It will promote the communication between China's car washing industry and the mature markets in Europe and the United States as well as the international market. Meanwhile, it will show the rapid development and rich product market of China's car washing industry to the world and accelerate the internationalization process of China's car washing industry. Car washing BBS has been held for seven consecutive sessions, witnessing the irreversible process of China's car washing market from manual washing to automation. Car washing system equipped with water cycle will be the standard of car washing in the future, and manual interior cleaning and other diversified services coexist. The BBS also marks a turning point in the transformation and upgrading of China's car washing industry towards automatic car washing. In 2019, the era of automatic car washing has arrived.