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International special | seventh car wash BBS experts share a review

  2019 annual conference on China's car industry development and the 7th China's car industry peak BBS on February 23, held in Beijing, China international exhibition center, the BBS by China's car industry alliance (CCIA), jointly organized by international car association (ICA), all have the car wash equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD, named, jingdong, big box, car shop, secure sponsorship. Car wash BBS has been held for seven consecutive years, after three years, has become the industry wash beauty store forward vane, is the domestic and foreign auto market leader, car wash industry elite the most important exchange and communication platform, in recent years, at home and abroad has produced a wide range of influence. This meeting reached 1000 people scale, invite foreign car wash chain enterprise and expert, domestic core enterprise President, terminal chain elite to discuss the industry trend and hot issues.


  The BBS theme is "international car washing patterns and automation trends" and "good products and new profit models". In recent years, automatic car washing has become a trend, indicating that China is about to end the era of traditional car washing as the main body and begin to enter the era of "internationalization, intelligence and automation". Under the national environmental protection policy, traditional terminal stores how to change to low efficiency, not standardized, high emissions, high pollution of traditional car model, characterized by high efficiency, standardization, low consumption of new environmental protection development profitability, promote the smooth transition of China's car industry and sustainable development, is a major practical problem facing the industry. This BBS selected "international car washing form and automation trend" and "good products and new profit model" as the theme, not only to comply with the objective needs of the development of China's car washing industry, but also to promote the healthy and orderly development of China's car washing industry an important step.


  This BBS is divided into international, domestic special performance. BBS was officially kicked off by the wonderful speech by Mr. Xie yu, chairman of the sponsor China car washing industry alliance and President of yasen international.


  Mr. Xie yu, President of yasen international, delivered a speech

  Mr Yuxie pointed out in his speech, my team and I visited a lot of stores, met with detergent washing the car, have seen a car washing to 8800 yuan, has experienced each washing lips gun heated dispute on BBS, to wash the car with a myriad of problems and wishes of participants, and inner feelings, this is also the current situation of China's car industry, is a key of the development process. BBS car wash held seven consecutive sessions, in the ideological level achieved objective results. First of all, people in the industry have gradually recognized the value of car washing. Secondly, people have gradually changed from thinking that car washing can only be drainage or assistance to car washing, which is also a profitable main business. International car wash association join let us have a mature market experience to learn and reference. BBS car wash has more advantages of resource aggregation, can better achieve substantial leapfrog and industry development.


  China car washing industry alliance and international car washing association

  Strategic cooperation signing ceremony

  BBS scene ushered in three historic moments, the first is the strategic cooperation signing ceremony between China car washing industry alliance and international car washing association, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in car washing technology exchange, personnel training and project cooperation.


  Yasen international and international car wash association strategic cooperation

  Signing ceremony

  The second historic moment is the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Beijing yasen international exhibition co., ltd. and international car washing association. The two sides will carry out cooperation in exhibition cooperation, technical exchange, business cooperation and other aspects.


  Exhibition launching ceremony

  The third one is a historic moment, Beijing's international exhibition co., LTD., the international association of CAR WASH, CAR WASH for CAR washing industry union and CHINA SHOW CHINA (CHINA) WASH the CAR SHOW the opening ceremony of the exhibition, CHINA auto SHOW will join the international cutting-edge technology and products, CHINA's CAR industry will have more to learn from, to SHOW themselves and the opportunity to go abroad.

  Car Wash Show China, as an exhibition within the exhibition of yasen Beijing exhibition, covers an area of 15,000 square meters and will display Car Wash equipment, chemical products, hair brushes, supporting products, terminal service chain, etc. To exhibition + meeting + activities + three-dimensional publicity combination, products, technology, mode, service all-round display. The introduction of international technology, experience and Car Wash mode combined with Chinese characteristics, continuing the relaxed atmosphere of Car Wash Show, will create a beautiful and fun Car Wash whole industrial chain exhibition and publicity platform, the exhibition will be formally held in guangzhou in July 2019.

  "What does a car wash with a five-year warranty depend on? The topic was Shared. Hand washing mainly, serious pollution, low price is the current development of China's car washing industry, is also facing challenges and development opportunities. Apply chemicals correctly and maintain the car washing machine to make sure it does a better job. In Norway, a car wash can charge 40 euros, in China, 1 to 2 euros, these phenomena in China is just the stage of development is different, give the market enough opportunities, provide a correct way to wash the car, this is what China needs at present, there will be a very huge development opportunity.

  Mr. Morten dale's speech and a segment of the video broadcast struck a chord with the audience. He said that we want to foster healthier businesses, take responsibility, recycle water better, and use more green chemicals. Of course, it is also necessary to follow the requirements of natural environmental protection organizations, such as displacement, water consumption, chemical liquid management requirements, operating procedures and other things need to be adjusted, which is in accordance with the green environmental protection regulations to do. And this is the foundation of our business in China and the core of our operations. In Europe and the United States, we are a very important company in the industry, so we have to display and assume some corporate social responsibility. In Europe, we donate 10% of our monthly income to breast cancer research. I believe this profit contribution is meaningful to the company, as well as to China. Now we see the biggest customer feedback, first of all, is not the car washing machine problem, now they are more thinking about environmental protection issues, water cycle issues.


  Keynote speech by morten dell, global vice President of wanther

  China is in the early stages of environmental transformation, and we can help the car wash business achieve long-term prosperity and sustainable development. But I think it's not just the responsibility of wan chui, and that's why I think it's important for people to come together, if they think it's in everyone's interest, let's do it together. Consumers have a sense of that, and I think it's something that can be done collectively as an industry. We can't change the world on our own. Of course, we can do something every day and change the world with small actions. We have been doing this for several years because we see great potential in the industry, which is why we will open a new factory this summer to meet the needs of the Chinese market. This is the promise made by wan xiada that China will become one of the most important markets for car washing in the future.


  Interview spot of car wash in Europe and America

  European and American car form interview link, the Chinese car industry alliance to Europe and the United States on behalf of the member washing the expert on the subject of members interested in asking questions, "Mr Car wash" chief executive, international car association President Richard ning, the water washing CEO Robert James dobbins, all have the car wash equipment (Shanghai) co., LTD., vice President of global reputation, Mr Dell accepted the interview.


  Mr. Chad enning shares his experience with the management of the car wash center

  "Mr Car wash" has a history of 55 years, has 35 large car wash center in Germany, wash the car more than 8 million units a year, several of the world's largest car, chief executive officer Mr Richard en ning answered about location, member management, fees and other issues, one of the biggest car washing center, two tunnels can wash the car, 2000-2500 a day, a single machine can wash 1500 cars a day. He believes that the location of a car wash is one of the key success factors. Only in the core area can there be enough cars to wash and customers can easily drive there. A store that washes 2,000 cars a day needs 10 to 20 employees.

  He thinks professional car wash center do the heaviest if must change the thinking, a lot of people washing center open for a year or two, began to buy equipment to wash the car, equipment is very important, of course, but the most important is not the device itself, the most important thing is that must be considered from the perspective of customers, improve the quality of service, you have to really prepare well, like restaurants or hotel manager, car wash center is not part of the auto industry, but the service industry, improve the quality of service, pay attention to details, let customer satisfaction is the key point. Share the pictures of our car washing center. We attach great importance to the details of the interior decoration, so that customers can look friendly and satisfied.

  In addition, because we do cleaning work, we convey the impression to customers that everything we sell is clean, and it is very important to keep the car wash center spacious, bright and clean.

  The price of car washing ranges from 9 to 30 euros, and the lowest 9 euros is several times more expensive than the price of starbucks coffee. The price of 15 euros includes the whole service items such as hot air drying, which is a trend of future market development. The price of 30 euros includes internal cleaning, as well as the option of manual waxing.


  Robert dubinsky Shared the scene

  "Water wash the car companies in the United States" CEO, international car washing industry senior expert Robert James dobbins Mr Has 25 years of experience in car washing industry, is one of the largest car companies in the United States, there are 22 washing store, mainly to provide one-stop services, including refueling, convenience stores, car washing and so on, is equivalent to the profit of the three channels. One-stop shop is an advantage to attract new customers, because convenience is an important attraction factor, and also a marketing strategy. Reach out to new customers and maintain existing customers through direct marketing and digital marketing. Looking for locations with high cost but high traffic volume to attract customers, combined with local community publicity, is one of the marketing methods. He believes that the two most important elements of success are talent and sales growth. At the same time, the service quality of employees is very important. It is very important to attract more professional employees to provide high-quality service and maintain the loyalty of old employees.


  Interview with moten dale, global vice President of wanther

  "Have the washing machine company" has 57 years old, invented the world's first automatic scrub car machine, provide enterprise is a world famous high quality car washer, vice President of global mo vines, Mr Dell think car wash equipment, chemicals, water pressure are all elements such as balance, guarantee to provide more comprehensive services to customers, this is the key to our service quality improvement.


  Round table BBS live

  Round table BBS starts with "is automatic car washing a trend? What are the opportunities and benefits?" Have a heated discussion about the topic.

  Hosts CAI tongcai, huang jianmin, ye cuifang, Lin yan, wang bin, Eric Wolf, Ryan eisenberg and Steve horman participated in the round table BBS.


  Eric Wolf was there

  Eric Wolf, CEO of the international car wash association, believes that automated car washing will become the mainstream business trend in China in the short term, and we have seen very similar business experience and history in Europe and the United States. China's market is very huge, and the growth is also very fast, the requirements and expectations for car washing, time constraints are also increasingly high, I think it will become a mainstream trend. At the same time, the transformation from an industrial process to a retail process is very critical. The realization of mechanization must be accompanied by the transformation and refinement of retail business, so as to truly realize the potential of future business development and become an automated process.


  Mr. Ryan eisenberg

  Tommy washing system company has 50 years of history, the United States is leading car companies, business all over the United States and other countries, President of Ryan share Mr Eisenberg, designed a whole industrial chain car-washing tunnel, per hour two hundred car wash, wash the car design can be higher efficiency of the conveyor, once every 20 seconds to rotate, we hope to bring this concept to more countries.


  Tommy car wash system company site sharing pictures

  The service, shown above, is the most commonly used model in the United States. In addition, the faster way to wash the car allows customers to come more frequently, after the membership can be washed every day. The 45m-long tunnel, which carries cars through a conveyor system, is automated from cleaning to drying, with three employees operating the machinery. The construction cost of such car washing system is about 30 million RMB, and the corresponding profit can be made in two or three years. There are 10 times as many car washes as there are traditional car washes. In addition, while ensuring the high quality of car washing equipment, chemicals also need to ensure green and healthy, so that the cleanness and health of the washed car will be more trustworthy to customers.


  Mr. Steve homan

  Steve homan, CEO, owner and founder of car wash control systems, inc., has 37 years of experience in the car wash industry, ensuring that every car wash automation device works effectively, especially water, chemicals, and electricity, ensuring 100% daily operation. In addition to solving the problems mentioned above through high-pressure and green chemicals, customer education of many high-end automobile brands is also very important. Let them change their attitudes and concepts, understand the professionalism of automatic car washing, understand the importance of sustainable chemicals and green, and pay more attention to the environment, which is also the direction of our efforts.


  Mr. Huang jianmin, general manager of wandai China Shared the scene

  Huang jianmin, China general manager of wan wash (Shanghai) co., LTD, believes that automatic car washing will become an irresistible trend in the Chinese market in 2019. If car wash operators, service providers can find a good business model, with good products and solutions to support, car wash will make money, and will soon make money, and even affect the entire car wash price market changes.


  Lin yan, CEO of hangzhou big box Shared the scene

  Lin yan, CEO of hangzhou big box automobile service co., LTD., believes that intelligent car washing has come to an irreversible stage. Due to labor costs, national environmental protection requirements and other problems, the combination of rapid machine washing and deep manual fine washing will be the development direction of the car washing industry in the future. At present, big box has operated nearly 100 outlets, which include parking lot and clothing store integration, etc. In terms of profit, due to different site costs, there is no problem at all with a gross profit of about 40%. If we have our own site, the gross profit can reach 70%. So the car wash itself can make money. In terms of domestic machines and application scenarios, large boxes are basically spread over more than a dozen provinces in China, requiring different scenarios and solutions. Further research and development will be carried out on these scenarios to find solutions more suitable for China. From the fourth quarter of 2018, I will open up my core skills to the whole industry, build the infrastructure for the whole industry, and provide all the friends in all industries on the basis of hardware, technology and software services. I hope to promote the industry quickly through joint efforts.


  Beijing yuefu deputy general manager wang bin Shared the scene

  Wang bin, deputy general manager of Beijing yuefu automobile decoration co., LTD., believes that the car washing machine on the market after the enterprise, as money storage tank. Machine car washing is definitely a trend and profitable. Yuefu started completely machine car washing 20 years ago. We have 36 service outlets in Beijing. Car washing is the most basic rigid demand of automobile post-market service. Guiding and serving customers with basic standardized services and promoting customers to develop the habit of receiving automatic services are the key to profitability. Machines serve people, so the feeling of service is very important.


  Guangdong ricoh general manager ye cuifang Shared the scene

  Ye cuifang, general manager of guangdong ricoh automation equipment co., LTD., believes that in the process of China's development, car washing machine will be the future trend, but also the current trend. Operating stores, choose a good car washing machine at the same time, also want to accurately locate customer groups, stores are used for drainage, drainage after the realization of conversion, in-depth excavation of new projects, so as to better achieve profitability. Use a good car wash liquid and car wash opportunity to make the car cleaner. When talking about how to lead the high-end car owners accept washing machine wash the car, leaf total share, the big box stores main clients are more than 600000 cars, now there are few hear said washing machine brush will spend his paint brush, customers also hardly to ask this question, if there is tell him paint principle, principle of the machine, he will understand and trust of store decoration and services at the same time, there will be no question.

  International special in the morning with the end of the round table BBS has ended, all have the enterprises as the world's leading car washing industry, gives itself more social responsibility and mission, all have the global vice President Mr Morten Mr Dale's presentation to let the audience shocked tears here with video, car washing profit is not the most important, at the same time, environmental protection, such as water saving, maintenance worker health social responsibility is more important. Senior experts of the most advanced enterprises in the mature car washing market in Europe and America bring their accumulated experience in the car washing industry for many years, which has important reference value for the Chinese car washing industry in the early stage of transformation.