Past Summits

Redefine the value of washing your car! The 8th China car washing industry summit BBS successfully held

  On July 1, 2019, the 8th China car washing industry summit BBS opened in guangzhou · China import and export commodities fair. As an important concurrent activity of guangzhou exhibition, BBS invited more than 20 industry experts and 700 operators to gather together.

  The BBS sponsored by the international car association, China's car industry alliance, jas, help to undertake, invited today's headlines and trill media support, to "share dry goods industry, pay attention to the landing field" as purpose, to wash the car big data distribution, wash the car model to explore, wash the car case sharing, etc., help to redefine the car wash industry enterprise value.



  01, industry opinion leaders gathered, washing trend authoritative interpretation

  The trend of car washing industry will change in 2019, and the consumption habits of domestic car owners will gradually become rational. What opportunities and challenges will stores face? On the spot of BBS car washing, song xiao, the co-initiator of a-level car service store of yasenbang President, released the "report on the status quo of terminal operators in the automobile after-market", which interpreted the latest data of car washing industry and conducted authoritative interpretation.



  02. How do traditional stores find their own exclusive car washing mode?

  How to choose the car model is the most headaches, stores is also a controversial topic, for washing store, how to choose suitable for their own washing mode is critical, BBS site from rapid car wash, high-end car wash, car wash three dimensions, in-depth interpretation of different mode of operation of the washing mode.



  03, practical case sharing, so that the car wash to achieve high conversion, high profit

  BBS site, car wash conversion rate and fine management experts share marketing methods, hand in hand professor how to run the car wash project! Super dry goods let the audience applause, the atmosphere once reached the peak.



  04, round table BBS thinking collision, douyin into a new way to store customers

  In the round table BBS session, led by song xiao, general manager of yassen, the platform of douyin was invited to carry the actual data and cases of douyin stores in the market, to have an in-depth dialogue with douyin experts and web celebrity owners in the industry, focusing on the hottest topic in the car washing industry: "how can traditional stores gain fast flow through douyin?" . BBS guests debated with deep analysis on the consumption behavior of users in the era of new media, the logic of douyin's information distribution, and the method of douyin's rapid benefit.


  05, pay tribute to the model! "Car service grade A store" honor unveiled

  In the witness of the audience, the "car service a-level store" launch ceremony and the first batch of a-level enterprise glory announced! For this award, yasenbang united automobile aftermarket star rating committee and two major authorities jointly launched the assessment of "a-rated Dealership Auto Service". According to 6 major rating standards and 7 major rigorous links, it is equipped with A unique coding anti-counterfeiting traceability system, which has the influence of the whole network and the whole industry.


  Although the eighth China car industry peak BBS has a successful ending, but the car washing industry up the power of the development is just beginning, as a bellwether car development, China's car industry peak BBS to share high quality resources, analytical industry forefront development trends, share the marketing mode of the most popular and profitable projects, promoting the development of car industry for a long time.