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  On February 19, 2020, the 2020 China Car Wash Show and the 9th China Car Wash Industry Summit will be held in Beijing. In the past eight sessions, the Car Wash Summit has become a trendsetter for the industry. No matter where the meeting is, there are a large number of terminal stores to follow, and the influence has penetrated into the domestic and foreign market. At the same time, the Car Wash Summit is also the most important communication platform for the Chinese car wash industry, which is a comprehensive gathering of domestic and international automotive aftermarket leaders and car wash industry elites. At that Summit, the CEO of the International Car Wash Association, the industry-renowned president, industry experts and representatives of the national excellent terminal stores will have a dialogue to interpret the current market situation from multiple angles and directions.


  Looking forward to your participation and support!


  Car Wash Alliance Organizing Committee


  January 1, 2019